Anushka 652 CLP
Anushka 652 CLP
Anushka 652 CLP
Anushka 652 CLP

Anushka 652 CLP

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Hand-crafted genuine leather handbag entirely hand painted. 



Width: 12.5 "/ 31.75 cm
Height: 9.25 "/ 23.50 cm
Depth: 5 "/ 12.75 cm
Weight: 1.79 lbs / 0.81 kg.


A one-of-a-kind product begins with a unique story. Inspired by art and the emotions it evokes, the Basu family are committed to offering their customers something different. Products made with raw skill and unwavering passion, each imbued with deep meaning and thoughtful craftsmanship. What they created was more than just a handbag: wearable works of art that bring joy to the lives of those who wear them and the artists who helped create them, and with that, Anuschka was born in 1988.

Why us?


Chaussures Monette has been serving the Outaouais region for over 55 years. We offer quality service and products at a competitive price. The comfort and satisfaction of our customers is our priority. With 3 stores in the region, we offer an unparalleled selection and choice of styles.

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