Vital 0853
Vital 0853
Vital 0853

Vital 0853

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Are you looking for a sandal that looks good but offers all the benefits of an orthopedic shoe? Vital sandals give you a massage all day long whether you're out or at work.

Made in Austria by a company that promotes:

- The look and originality

- Extreme durability

- The comfort of a medical degree

The Vital 0853 summer sandal is adjustable all around the foot, thus conforming to the shape of your foot, up to the width E. 

Why us?


Chaussures Monette has been serving the Outaouais region for over 55 years. We offer quality service and products at a competitive price. The comfort and satisfaction of our customers is our priority. With 3 stores in the region, we offer an unparalleled selection and choice of styles.

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